Cueva del Milodón


* The indicated values and program are valid for the year 2019 and are subject to modifications.


Visit to Historical Monument declared as a Natural Monument in 1968. It is located 25 kms. north of Puerto Natales. It consists of three caverns and a rocky conglomerate called “Silla del Diablo”. The largest of these caverns is 150 meters above sea level and its dimensions are 30 meters high, 50 meters wide and 200 meters deep, a visit impossible not to do.

  • Value of the Excursion: Starting at $ 18,000 per person (minimum 3 passengers)
  • Children: Children under 7 years pay 50% of the value.
  • Includes: Transfer Cave of the Milodon, spanish / english guide, permanent assistance of the guide.
  • Does not include: Entry, foods, tips, personal insurance.
  • Departures: Según programa contratado (servicio privado)
  • Hours: To agree (half day excursion) to be arranged (half-day excursion)
  • Optional: Private Land Transport (value to be defined according to the number of passengers)


Given the characteristics of our climate in the area, the use of the following elements is recommended:

  • Wear warm clothing, hiking shoes or boots
  • Scarf, gloves and hat are very useful
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunblock
  • Personal backpack with plastic bag to protect delicate items

Grounds for Suspension of Excursion:

  • The suspension of the excursion will be executed in case the climatic conditions are very unfavorable, as for example by extreme winds or floods in the park due to excess of fallen water.

Contact a sales executive for more information.

Cueva del Milodón