Policies and conditions

With the purpose of favoring the service delivered and being consistent with our objective of continuously improving the actions of the Tour Operator, we have defined Policies that, formally, regulate our operation and the respect that we deserve our customers and suppliers, We communicate below.

Service Policy

  • We design and apply a process to evaluate Passenger Satisfaction, on a regular and scheduled basis. The results of these analyzes are used as a first line input for managerial reviews, decision making and service improvement.
  • We established a protocol to deal with the Claims that are presented formally. To facilitate the process of communication with the passenger, we enable a Claim Form on our website.
  • We implemented a Quality Management System, designed to comply with the official Tour Operators standard in Chile. As a result, today we have a certification granted by an external body, in addition to the Q Seal, which SERNATUR gave us.

Booking Policy

  • We would like to formalize your Reservation through the official means that the company has arranged for it:
    – Emails: ventas1@tourexpress.cl / ventas3@tourexpress.cl
    – Phones: 61 2411639 / 61 2410734
    – Points of sale: Manuel Bulnes 769, Puerto Natales, XII Región.
  • Reservations of services are subject to availability at the time of processing your request and can not be guaranteed until we have received the total payment.
  • Cancellations or changes to the reservation are subject to the conditions described in the Cancellation Policies described below.

Cancellation Policies

The amount of the return associated with a request for cancellation of reservation, will be conditioned to the time with which it is informed and according to the following table:

  • 45 days or more 100% of the payment made
  • 44-31 days, 75% of the payment made
  • 30-03 days, 50% of the payment made
  • 02 days or less, no right to refund

Policy of Protection and Non-Exploitation of Human Beings

In consequence with our Tourism Quality certification and sharing the importance of initiatives and campaigns applied globally and promoted by organizations such as the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), UNICEF, SENAME and SERNATUR, among others, this Tour Operator has decided to join an initiative that seeks to prevent the exploitation of human beings, in any of its forms, especially sexual and in particular when it may affect children and therefore applies, among others, the following measures:

  1. Does not hire minors
  2. Review disability record to work with minors in their selection process
  3. It trains its personnel in matters of prevention of the exploitation of human beings
  4. Inform your customers and suppliers of this measure

Contact a sales executive for more information.