Sustainable Tourism

Principles "Do not leave trail"

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Principle Nº1

Plan and prepare your trip: In order to avoid carrying things or less and avoid potential risks.

Principle Nº2

Travel and camp on durable surfaces: To avoid damaging areas that have not yet been impacted and concentrate the impact on those that are already damaged.

Principle Nº3

Dispose of the waste in the most appropriate way: To avoid carrying unnecessary weight, carry extra trash during the trip and think that nature is a dump.

Principle Nº4

Leave what you find: So that those who come after us, can enjoy like me the wonders of the place.

Principle Nº5

Minimize the impacts of fires: To avoid fires, forming unnecessary places and stains of stoves and use of wood in an exaggerated way.

Principle Nº6

Respect wildlife: Only from a distance can we really enjoy the sounds and movements that animals want to give us for allowing them peace and feeding as they like.

Principle Nº7

Consider other visitors: When we go to a park it is because we want to enjoy nature in peace, so let’s respect ourselves.

Code of conduct of the responsible tourist

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